"The car is indeed shiny... I am really pleased, they did such a good job."- Jo Recalt

Mechanical Routine Service and Auto Repair

MemberCar Members can feel confident they are getting the highest quality auto-repair through MemberCar's select network of pre-qualified auto repair professionals. For over 20 years, MemberCar has maintained a strong relationship with an affiliated automotive brokerage company. This auto brokerage company continues to deliver high-quality workmanship at competitive rates, with no hidden charges, and they perform and charge for only those services that the vehicle actually needs.


To inspect and repair various mechanical issues:

  Dealer Estimate          $1800
MemberCar Repair         $900*
Member Savings            $900

*this is a real life example, but not a guarantee of price.

Call MemberCar at 301.738.0061 today to save time & money!

If your question has to do with a car, the answer is YES!

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