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Member Lease™

If you’re in the market for a used car, it makes sense to consider all of your financing options. Used car leasing from Member Lease™ Car Leasing Services is one of the most cost effective ways of securing a vehicle for a short time.

Generally speaking, leasing a used car follows the same process as leasing a new car. The used car leasing company has the car of your choice inspected and checks your credit before arranging to buy the car and lease it back to you. You then sign a contract to make regular payments over a set term. Once the term expires and all payments are made, you return the used car to the leasing company. (In some cases you might be offered the chance to buy the used car at the end of the term.)

Advantages of leasing a used car from Member Lease™:

  •      Short term lease agreements
  •      All leased vehicles are still under manufacturer’s warranty
  •      Choose your lease according to the season,
         4 wheel drive for winter or convertible for summer
  •      No-hassle vehicle returns

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